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Cant differentiate vinyl matt emulsion from vinyl silk? Here is how to pick the right paint finish


Selecting the right paint color is one of the best parts of completing a project. But paint is more than just a color, which is where things get slightly complicated. Once you decide on the hue you want to go with, you will then have to pick a finish.

What do we mean by that? Well, paint comes in a variety of finishes that ranges from a very matte or flat finish to super shiny silk or high gloss finish. Basically, the paint finish that you pick will determine the luster or shine as well as washability and durability of your walls. As such, the paint finish is just as important as the paint color. No pressure, right?

Selecting the right sheen level can completely transform the look of your walls, so you must make sure that you consider all the different finishes available and which one will make the biggest impact in your space. Not to worry though. Here’s a little guide to help you:

Vinyl Matt Emulsion paint finish


Vinyl Matt emulsion has a flat appearance, meaning that it doesn’t give off any shine. Vinyl Matt emulsion paint is great for hiding imperfections so if you have any older walls and exteriors that need to be covered up, matt emulsion paint will do the trick.

Vinyl silk emulsion paint finish

Vinyl silk emulsion is exactly as it sounds. It has a shiny and silky, reflective finish that’s generally pleasing to the eye. Vinyl silk is the most durable of all three emulsion paints and is a great choice for rooms that are exposed to moisture often such as bathrooms and kitchens. It is also an excellent choice for areas that encounter high traffic such as hallways, staircases, or children’s’ rooms.

Water-based paint finish is best, always.

Modern technology has affected every area of life and paint is no different. These days, there is a paint type for every type of surface. However, in most cases, you’ll find that professional painters tend to select a flat acrylic paint to cover the ceilings, a vinyl matt emulsion for the walls, and vinyl silk for any woodwork.

Water-based paints carry a couple of advantages to their oil-based enamel alternatives. For one, any spills, drips, or splashes that take place during the painting process can be wiped with a damp cloth- no fuss, no moss. Secondly, the cleanup is just as easy- simply dip in water and you’re done.

Unlike enamel paints, water-based paints are also much safer as they do not emit any dangerous vapors or fumes when applied. They also dry faster and cost much less. We’ll repeat that a little louder for the people in the back – they cost much, much less.

Painting advice

As mentioned earlier, the sheen is just as important as the color; the sheen can completely transform how your space looks or feels. If you are unsure about which finish or sheen to pick, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Don’t be afraid of trying various paint finishes in your space before you finally decide which one to use. Trust us, you know which finish feels best when you see it. Don’t rush the process- that’s where things start to go wrong.

Need help?

Need help finding the right finish for your project? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our resident experts are always available to help you with anything that you need. That’s just how we roll.

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