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Common questions we get about picking the right paint color

Here is something that you don’t hear often enough: liking a paint color and choosing a paint color for a project, whether it’s a simple but affordable home renovation or a full-scale development, are entirely different things. That’s why choosing the right paint is not the easiest thing to do.

Not only do you have a multitude of options to choose from, but colors seem to appear different once they’re finally on the wall. And there’s sooooo much that you have to think about; how will the light bounce off the paint color? Will it go with the furnishings? Will it make the space feel bigger or more claustrophobic?

Picking a paint color that works well in your space is hard, but not impossible. Here at Tawi Paints, we get a lot of questions


Choosing paint can be ridiculously stressful. What’s the best place to start?

It may not seem apparent, but whenever you are struggling to pick a paint color, the best place to start would be with understanding the natural light in the space that you are working with. Light has the most impact on how color is perceived in a space. It’s all about the lighting; the amount of light your space gets, the direction of the light source, as well as the accessories and furnishings in the space will all affect how the colors that you pick will appear.

Light, especially, has a considerable impact on whites and neutrals, which are more likely to reflect any other colors present in and around the space. Bright, clean, natural light is best for showcasing your preferred color in its truest form while southern facing light, tend to give a warmer tone.


What else should you keep in mind when picking a paint color?

If you are interested in making a space feel larger, go for brighter colors. Not only will they reflect more natural light, but they will also help to open up your space to make it appear larger. You will also need to pay attention to any other colors that may already be in your space so that you can select a coordinated choice.

More importantly, you will also need to pay attention to the vibe that you are interested in creating. Are you going for a cozy space? If that’s the case, pick a deep, moody color.


What about paint swatches? How do I get a true sense of color from a paint swatch?

The best way to get a sense of color from a swatch is to test them out during different times of day, under different lighting conditions, to make sure that you love the way the paint color looks under any type of lighting, whether natural or artificial.


What should amateur painters know about painting in general?

Once you have prepped properly, the painting process will be painless. Aside from proper prep work, you will also need to invest in high-quality painting tools. When you are working with premium paint like ours, having access to quality painting supplies will ensure that you achieve a more impeccable, professional-looking finish.

Another trick of the trade: opt for a roller. Painting with a roller instead of a brush can allow you to paint much faster and with consistent strokes, particularly if you are working with a large area.


Let’s say that you would like to use several paint colors for one project. How can you still make your space feel cohesive without looking like a madhouse or a kindergarten playground?

The trick to using multiple paint colors is to select colors that coordinate and flow effortlessly from one area or room to the next.  Using different shades within the same color family is never a bad idea. For example, in one room, you could go with a medium grey (Mistletoe 10 B 17) but choose a similar color that’s slightly lighter or darker (Lava 10 B 21) in another room and you will easily coordinate your paint colors.



What would be a great paint color for neutral or minimalist lovers interested in switching things up or getting a little more adventurous?

If you want to go for a bold color, definitely start with a subtler color. Softer colors are a great way to add color to a space without going too crazy. One great option would be Tawi’s vinyl matt emulsion in Powder Pink (Tawi BS 4800 Colors: 02 C 33), a soft, airy pink that would stand out while remaining easy on the eyes. You will also love Mouse Grey (Tawi BS 4800 Colors: 08 B 21), a barely-there grey that will coordinate easily with any other colors that you may already have in the space; it’s also super sophisticated.


Vinyl matt or vinyl silk emulsion?

Vinyl matt emulsion is the best finish for walls. It is durable, you can clean it easily, and will add some depth to your walls. Vinyl silk emulsion, on the other hand, is perfect for trim and looks great when paired with vinyl matt emulsion. It also boasts a durable finish and can withstand all the wear and tear that you throw at it.


Final Thoughts

With a wide variety of pigments and  products, we are sure that you will find a paint finish and color that matches your vision from Tawi Paints. But, if you find that none of the sheens we have abailable work aesthetically for your particular project, consider mixing two sheens to get a custom sheen or an “in-between finish.”

Would you like to learn more about our paints and product selection? Need assistance? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team for assistance.


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