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The different types of paintbrushes that you should know

Are you using the right paintbrush for your project? When completing large-scale painting projects, whether for clients or around your home DIY, then you must ensure that your paintbrush is designed for the task at hand. Unlike the type of brushes used for art, decorating household brushes can be tricky to use, especially for first-timers.

But the right household brushes for the right project and job can make all the difference in the world. When picking which household brush to use, you must consider:

·        The size of the project that you are about to execute.

·        The surface to be painted.

·        The type of paint finish that you intend to use.

All these factors will go a long way in helping you to decide the size and type of paintbrush that you should use for your projects.

Here are the different types of paint brushes that every painter should know

The square Wall brush

Square Wall brushes are easily the most common and most widely used type of brush. Wall brushes tend to be large and have a flat and square edge. Wall brushes come in a range of sizes so that you can pick one that easily meets your requirements, whether you plan on painting walls, cabinets, or paneling.

Perfect for:

Projects of all sizes and shapes as you can easily choose the best size for your paint and project. The most popular sizes of wall brushes are 3”, 4”, and 6” sizes and they each come with different types of bristles.

The Angled Sash paintbrush

The angled sash is also commonly known as the cutting brush. These types of brushes are used for cutting in around the walls and other architectural designs. As the name suggests, the bristles of the angled sash have been cut at a slant to make it easy to have nice and clean lines whenever you paint.

Perfect for:

Use your cutting brush on anything that has grooves and indentations that you need to get into, such as doors with panels, furniture, and cabinet fronts. You can also use cutting brushes to get paint on small spaces such as when painting between windows, on the door trims.

The Finishing brush

As you can probably tell from the name, finishing brushes are used for finishing. Unlike most brushes, finishing brushes are made with finer and softer bristles to provide a clean and seamless finish. The best finishing brushes are made of ox hair.

Perfect for:

Finishing brushes are perfect for use anywhere that you want a smooth finish. If you want to avoid a messy or streaky outcome, then reach for a finishing brush for the job.

The round sash paintbrush

This type of paintbrush has a blunt end that is tapered and pointy to create a soft edge. The round sash brush is ideal for when you need greater control over the area that you are painting. These brushes are also smaller than other paintbrushes at 20 to 40 mm. That’s why they are used commonly for decorative paintwork.

Perfect for:

Decorative work such as when trying to achieve a faux finish or when painting a design of some sort on the wall. They are also perfect for working on small trim like window muntins.

The flagged bristle paintbrush

If you need a clean and smooth paint finish, then go for a flagged bristle paintbrush over a square wall paintbrush. Unlike their square counterparts, flagged bristled brushes pick and hold a lot of paint with every dip of paint.

When flagged bristle brushes are dipped in the paint they split at the end and become fuzzy, thus allowing them to pick up as much paint as possible.

Perfect for:

Painting over large surfaces that require a lot of paint. Flagged bristles are capable of picking up more paint than square wall brushes. They are also capable of giving a smoother and cleaning finish thanks to their flagged bristles.

The trim brush

Trim brushes have shorter handles than most types of paint brushes therefore giving the user complete control over their movements. Because of the increased control, the painter doesn’t get easily fatigued and can work a lot faster.

Perfect for:

Owing to the increased control, trim brushes are perfect for use when you need to maneuver small spaces and areas. The trim brush is also often used alongside the angled sash brush.

The foam brush

Foam brushes aren’t ideal for all painting jobs. Rather, they are designed for holding a lot of product such as urethane, stain, or paint.  Foam brushes require an experienced hand as they can leave a lot of bubbles in the type of product that you are using.

Perfect for:

Foam brushes are used commonly for painting cabinetry, furniture, and trim. They should never be used for painting large surfaces such as say, the wall.

The stencil paintbrush

As the name would have it, the stencil paintbrush is used for any stencil work that has to be done on the wall. Unlike most types of brushes, stencil brushes tend to have a round edge with lots of bristles packed neatly together.

Perfect for:

Use with stencils. The bristles of these brushes are all designed to be the same length making it easy to paint using stencils without causing a mess.

The right paint will make your paintbrushes last longer

If you are just starting as a professional painter, you may not have access to various types of brushes discussed here. That’s why it is so important that you invest in high-quality paint.

Here at Tawi, our paint is all water-based, making it easier to clean your brushes after you are done using them. To clean our paint off, all you need is some soap and water. Simply give your paintbrush a dip, shake off the excess paint, and voila! Good as new.

Need to buy high-quality water-based paint? We have a huge selection of products that you can choose from. Talk to one of our sales representatives about Tawi Paints at:

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